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To build a healthier world and to make innovative medicines accessible

About Us

Galixir is a biotech company that drives drug discovery on with AI.

Galixir is dedicated to bringing more value into the medical industry with diversifying pipelines, especially on undruggable and difficult-to-drug targets.

Integrating tools and experience of computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry and biology, Pyxir®, the AI-driven drug discovery platform of Galixir, leverages cutting-edge AI algorithms to resolve problems in the preclinical development of small molecule drugs and to find candidate molecules with high potency, good druggability and novel structures. M1, the intelligent computing platform of Galixir combining AI with classical physics principles, makes breakthroughs in classical molecular modeling methods at the world’s top level. It is able to accurately describe the interactions between molecules and proteins, and predict the binding free energy between target drug molecules and specific targets with high efficiency and accuracy.

Galixir has identified two novel preclinical compounds candidate (PCC) for autoimmune diseases through Pyxir® and M1 platform, demonstrating its AI drug discovery capabilities in a closed loop. Galixir will continue to take “AI-driven drug discovery pipeline” and “AI-driven computing platform” as the dual cycle to empower drug discovery, in a bid to build a healthier world and to make new drugs accessible.

About UsAbout Us

Our Team Members

are from worldwide top-tier universities, first-rate Internet companies and renowned pharmaceutical enterprises

Galixir team members have rich experience in leading drug discovery projects to IND and FDA approval, and machine learning application experience in top-tier Internet companies including Google, Apple and Microsoft. Besides, Galixir has already published 30+ papers in top journals and conference proceedings, covering subjects including molecular generation, property prediction and virtual screening and so forth. And our models have kept the world performance record.

Galixir works together with domestic and oversea universities and research institutions including Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Google Brain of Google AI, Mila, Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health of Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Microbiology of Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University and Sun Yat-sen University.

Our History

Galixir is founded
Become a member of Merck China Innovation Hub
Close Series Seed financing with lead investor Gaorong Capital
Become a strategic partner of a China's listed pharmaceutical company
Close Series Pre-A financing with lead investors Sourcecode Capital and DCM Capital
Start collaboration with more leading pharmaceutical companies
Start collaboration with biotechnology innovation companies
Close Series A/A+ financing with lead investors Redpoint China Ventures and 5Y Capital
Become a strategic partner of two multinational pharmaceutical companies
Set up Shanghai Office
Close a round of strategic financing with lead investor Shanghai AI Industry Investment Fund
Start pipeline collaboration with many top biopharmaceutical companies


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Galixir joins hands with our partners from circles of academy,industry and investment to boost the digitalization and intelligence of new drug discoveryand write a new chapter for drug discoveryAnd more undisclosed partners......